Deep Blue approaches cage divers.

Two months ago we shared newly released footage of a massive great white shark that was being referred to as perhaps the largest white shark ever recorded on video.

The Facebook clip garnered 7 million views, and on Monday more footage of the same shark was posted to Facebook by the same researcher, Mauricio Hoyos Padilla.

It shows a shark, known as Deep Blue, approaching and investigating wide-eyed divers watching from steel cages at Mexico's Guadalupe Island. As viewers can see, Deep Blue dwarfs not only the divers, but the enormous protective cage, as the female shark swims by and at one point bumps the cage with her snout.

Deep Blue, who measures 20-plus feet and is believed to be about 50 years old, appears to be pregnant and boasts the girth of a small elephant.

The footage was captured in 2013 during a tagging effort involving Hoyos. Part of it was featured last year by the Discovery network, but Hoyos recently found unpublished clips in his computer.


Deep Blue bumps cage.

His latest post, titled, "Deep Blue (the biggest shark ever filmed) second part," was viewed nearly 300,000 times and shared more than 7,000 times in the first 11 hours it was featured on Facebook.

The comments, many of them in Spanish, show that Hoyos' followers are as impressed with this clip as they were with the first, using terms such as “majestic,” “wow,” “amazing” and “beautiful” to describe their feelings.

We can’t help but wonder what sentiments were being issued through the masks of the divers as Deep Blue got closer, and closer. “We’re gonna need a bigger cage” comes to mind.

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