Bear’s actions leave witnesses stunned in unnerving incident

“What do I do?”

Upon noticing a black bear checking out trash cans in the driveway, Ethan Gilliam pulled out his phone and began videotaping.

Gilliam and his dad Hank were at Hank's girlfriend's house in Asheville, North Carolina, when the unnerving incident occurred, according to Jukin Media. The reactions of those in the house on what the bear does next are priceless:

Hank Gilliam told UPI that the video was shot on Monday when bears in the area are more active because garbage pickup is the next morning. This bear took it a step further.

"Oh my God!" a girl exclaimed when the bear opened the car door and climbed into the backseat.

The kids called out to the car's owner that a bear was inside her car.

"What do I do?" the car owner asked, rummaging about to find her phone.

"He's out, he's out," Gilliam said.

"How did he do that?" the stunned car owner asked. Very easily, actually.

If left unlocked, bears can open car doors. In this case, the car owner is lucky the bear didn't become trapped in the vehicle. There are plenty of examples of bears trashing the insides of cars.

From the Charlotte Observer:

In at least two instances, bears have opened vehicles in North Carolina and accidentally locked themselves inside. The owners learned of this the hard way, when they heard someone honking their car horns.

The animals ripped the interiors to shreds trying to escape.

Just last month Blue Ridge Public Safety posted on Facebook a warning about keeping car doors locked and windows closed, as well as house doors and windows.

"The bears will open your car doors and can cause major damage to the interior of your vehicle," the post read.

In this case, the bear just sniffed around and left, fortunately for the car owner.

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