Bear repeatedly drags bow hunter down from tree stand, mauling him

"She kept coming at me and I kept stabbing her with one arrow."

A protective black bear mother with three cubs mauled a bow hunter who was in a tree stand hunting for elk Monday evening in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Jeff Haydukewich, 39, was alone in a wooded area three miles east of Weirdale when the attack he called a "freak accident" occurred.

He saw the bear and its cubs approach, and even took photos of them, as reported by CBC News.

"The cubs were eating at the bait and the sow caught my scent and she started walking up to my tree stand," Haydukewich told CBC News.

Yelling at the bear did not deter the bear from climbing the spruce tree, grabbing the hunter by the arm and pulling him to the ground. He managed to make his way back into the tree only to be grabbed by the leg and pulled to the ground again.

"I climbed back up my tree stand and she persisted about four or five times," he told CBC News. "I was jabbing her with an arrow. She kept coming at me and I kept stabbing her with one arrow."

The black bear finally gave up and wandered off as a bloodied Haydukewich slowly made his way back to his truck. His left calf muscle was torn and a foot of skin hung from his wrist.

"She bit me in the head somewhere along all this and my back," he told CBC News. "My back's all beat up from being drug around on the ground."

He drove to his brother's house where paramedics treated him before transporting him to Victoria Hospital in Prince Albert, according to Global News. He was later taken to Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon.

"The strength and determination from this individual to get back to his truck and get home the way he did and get help is quite a miracle," conservation officer Kevin Harrison told CTV News.

A conservation officer told CBC News that the black bear was likely protecting her cubs. Officials are attempting to trap the bear, which may have been injured.

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