An angry rhino rams a SUV in a serious case of road rage.

An angry rhino rams a SUV in a serious case of road rage in Etosha National Park. Photo: Courtesy of Alexandra Poier/Caters News

Safari tourists in a SUV experienced a terrifying moment when a rhino suddenly turned aggressive and rammed their vehicle in Etosha National Park in Namibia, Africa.

Alexandra Poier, 48, was frightened and she wasn't even in the victimized vehicle. She was in a different vehicle capturing video of the entire episode described as "a serious case of road rage.”

Poier shared the footage with Caters News, telling the agency, “The tour guide said this was a rare event.”

Fortunately, the raging rhino only did minimal damage to the SUV and the passengers were unharmed, though very shaken.

“I think the rhino saw a threat and that is why he attacked,” Poier told Caters. “To be honest, I was quite scared because it could have been our car.

“It happened very quickly and suddenly. After he went to the side of our car, we left quickly.”

As did the other vehicle.

Etosha National Park, located in northwest Namibia, is a wild game reserve that covers 8,600 square miles and is home to hundreds of species of mammals, birds and reptiles, including the endangered black rhinoceros.

According to the Daily Mail, rhinos weigh up to 3,100 pounds, have the ability to charge at 35 mph and are notorious for their aggression and willingness to run at any object that is unfamiliar. So maybe this wasn't such a rare event after all?

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