During a boat tour on a river in Daytona Beach, Florida, Tylor Hindery was live-streaming video on Facebook of an alligator lying on the muddy bank when the unthinkable occurred, putting a scare into four tourists and no doubt the tour guide, too.

Without warning, the alligator leaped into the boat sending passengers scrambling for safety as the reptile struggled to make its way through the boat's railing and into the water.

Hindery's video shows the momentary panic:

The wind had carried the boat into the mud bank and the tour guide was just about to push off when the scary incident unfolded, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

"You can reach out and slap him can't you?" the tour guide said in the video.

"If I wanted to, yeah," Hindery replied.

"Are you nervous?"


"And that's when, boom, it just happened all of a sudden," Hindery told KY3, his hometown TV station in Springfield, Missouri. "At that point, it kind of, for a few seconds, was like this isn't real life right now."

Hindery's wife, Emerald, didn't want to go on the tour in the first place but was finally convinced to join her husband. The couple was in town for a real estate conference.

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"We couldn’t believe it was really happening, everyone was scrambling around and trying to get to the back," Emerald Hindery told the Sentinel. "I stayed in my seat for a half second, then Tylor grabbed me and I somehow ended up in the driver’s seat.

"It happened too fast to be scary until after it was over."

After a few seconds of mayhem, Tylor steadied the camera and kept shooting video of the alligator as it scrambled overboard.

"I was like, 'Oh my goodness, I'm still alive let's film again," he told KY3.

Back home, Tylor's sister was among those watching live on Facebook.

"I thought I was going to get to see the end of my brother," Emerald quoted the sister as saying, adding "like she was excited—obviously she was joking."

Emerald sustained a bruised arm but otherwise nobody was injured.