Adorable week-old baby whale captured in video off Cabo San Lucas

It’s short but very sweet.

Whale watching off Cabo San Lucas is in full swing with the migration of humpback and gray whales making the popular resort city at the tip of Mexico's Baja California a perfect place for viewing the spectacular marine mammals.

There's also a chance to see mother whales with their babies.

Such was the case the other day for Whale Watch Cabo, whose guide Nacho captured a snippet of underwater footage of a baby humpback whale swimming above the head of its mother.

It’s short but very sweet:

"The first video footage taken this season of a mother and baby humpback whale," Whale Watch Cabo wrote in the description. "Very exciting! As you can see, the baby is very small, very light in color and only about 1 week old."

The footage was captured by Nacho with a GoPro camera held underwater.

Not surprisingly the reactions on Facebook were all positive:


"So so beautiful"

"So sweet."


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