A father and son on a fishing trip in Western Australia watched as an incredible scene unfolded before them near the shores of Cape Cuvier, 620 miles north of Perth: A massive feeding frenzy involving dozens of sharks.

Incredibly, the scene of the sharks feasting on a whale carcass wasn't short-lived. Grant Eastland and his son, Sam, went to the beach three straight days and used a drone, a Christmas present to Sam, to capture amazing footage from above.

At one point, they counted as many as 38 sharks in the feeding frenzy.

"Different pieces would break off and float out into the ocean, and that's where the drone footage would show bigger sharks and more sharks," Grant told 7 News.

"Most of them [were] tiger sharks, but lots of other species as well, and they were pretty keen to feed."

So much so that some of the sharks nearly beached themselves, as the extended version of their video shows near the end:

The sharks were so close you could touch them, and Sam actually attempted to do just that.

"I wanted to see if I could grab it," he told 7 News. "But I got a bit too wet."

Just as well, since grabbing a shark isn't advised.

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The experience made an impression on Grant and the debate about culling sharks, a hot topic in Australia because of shark attacks.

"[The sight of the feeding frenzy] makes you realize what amazing creatures they are, and I guess culling and stuff like that makes you a bit more against it."

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