Trailfoody Is Delivering Adventure Foods to Your Door

The latest food-delivery service for the outdoor enthusiast.

Trailfoody is the latest food-delivery service now serving the outdoor enthusiast. But with so many direct-to-door options, how do you know what's going to work for your outdoor lifestyle?

“The outdoor food business is dominated by dehydrated food, intended for overnight camping. However as a weekend warrior, which is what I think most outdoor people are, I found that there was a real need to solve what you eat during the day,” Trailfoody founder Blair Garland told GrindTV.

Too many good things. Photo: Courtesy of Trailfoody

“Even when I’m backpacking, the hardest part of the food planning is the day food. You want something that tastes good, packs well, and doesn’t require cooking or refrigeration. Plus, it needs to give you high-quality energy to burn that day. That’s where Trailfoody comes in,” Garland says.

As a hiker, backpacker, mountain biker, fly fisher, and cross-country skier, Garland is a good test case, but others are seeing the value in a stash of goodies -- bars, dried fruit, electrolyte tabs, jerky -- arriving just in time for the weekend.

Trailfoody reviewers have called the service “super convenient” and report that “the snacks are healthy and they taste great!”

A dietitian posted “the ingredients are simple and whole” and that “Trailfoody opens me up to so many companies I wouldn’t have otherwise heard of.”

All the fuel you need for your adventures. Photo: Courtesy of Alex Vielfaure/Trailfoody

At $19.95 (plus $4 shipping) per month, The Wanderer kit is Trailfoody’s most popular plan. It includes at least nine trail foods, adding up to 1100 to 1400 calories, and is intended for up to two outings. “It’ll fuel an epic snowshoe up a steep mountain or a more typical hike and mountain bike ride,” Garland says.

Foods change each month and some months have themes, such as pan-Asian, Southwest, or Mediterranean. Most foods included are void of artificial preservatives and genetically modified ingredients, and many are organic.

“The trail foods are selected to pair together as a snack-based trail lunch, or they can be eaten in separate, small breaks to keep your energy levels high,” Garland continues.

Don’t let a hungry stomach get in the way of views like this. Photo: Courtesy of Trailfoody

The first Trailfoody set comes in a box with an orange stuff-sack keepsake. Subsequent boxed deliveries arrive in a clear plastic “pack-out” bag that you load into the reusable stuff sack.

“Each time I was packing up my gear and food for a day outing, I kept saying to myself, ‘Wouldn’t it be easier if I had food packs that I could just grab and go?'” Garland says. “We want to help people get outdoors more by keeping them stocked with convenient, tasty food that’s made for adventures.”

Mission accomplished.

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