The case for being a morning person

The perks well outweigh hitting snooze for the sixth time.

We all have a “morning person” in our lives. Whether it’s a sibling, best friend or, God forbid, a significant other, each of us can picture clearly their bright eyes, infinite energy and hit-the-ground-running demeanor as we struggle to stay vertical long enough to get the coffeepot going.

See this? It’s a sunrise. We’re told they happen every day. We know, crazy. Photo: Heejing Kim/Unsplash

The thing is, we all have the capability to be that morning person. To rise and shine. To be the early bird that gets the worm. To annoy our friends and loved ones with our exclamations over “How beautiful the sunrise was this morning.” (We can’t stand when you do that, by the way.)

Apart from being incredibly chipper, being a morning person means understanding that the satisfaction of getting five different tasks done before work is infinitely more rewarding than getting that extra 30 minutes of sleep.

When you wake up early, you beat the crowd. Whether that means first tracks during snow season, avoiding the afternoon running crowd or beating traffic on the way to your a.m. spin class, when you wake up before the masses, you get things done much more quickly.

Let your competitive side flourish and aim to be the first one out there, every time. Photo: Emma Simpson/Unsplash

You also have time to center yourself. When you aren't rushing out the door with a half-eaten bagel crammed in your mouth and coffee down your shirt, you might actually have time for a thought that isn't "Oh my God, the traffic is going to be horrendous."

Wake up 20 minutes early and get a 10-minute meditation in before you start your day. When you've calmed and centered your mind, the rest of the day sort of falls into place. Mind over matter, people.

Another perk to getting up with the sun? Exploring. Whether that means an internal exploration, maybe through journaling or meditation, or having time to take a walk and literally explore your neighborhood, there's nothing like spending the morning learning something new.

It’s science: When you wake up early, all of your breakfast creations become Instagram-worthy. Photo: Jannis Brandt/Unsplash

And the last benefit: food! We all know the morning drill: Pound coffee and hope the jitters don't get in the way of your typing until lunch hits. Healthy, right?

Simple as it seems, waking up early means you may actually have time to nourish your body, which we've heard is key to all-around health. Who would have thought?

If you're just not a breakfast person, take the extra time to prep lunch for yourself. You'll save money and stay on track with whatever health regimen you happen to follow.

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