Just as quickly as it arrived, 2017 is about to be a thing of the past.

But some of the major trends we’ve seen in the wellness space aren’t going away anytime soon. We’ve compiled some of our favorites from the year, as we look ahead to 2018.


what to eat the day after thanksgiving

Use turmeric sparingly and reap all the benefits from this super food spice. Photo: Osha Key/Unsplash

Turmeric is nothing new to those who follow healthy diets, but this spice seemed to explode onto the scene in 2017 -- most notably for its anti-inflammatory properties.

For those who have fallen in love with a dash of turmeric on everything from their lattes to soups and snacks, prepare yourselves for the next turmeric: Moringa. We’ll have more details soon on what some are saying will be the “trendiest spice of 2018.”

Intermittent fasting and other trendy diets

The ketogenic diet is basically a veggie free-for-all. Photo: Courtesy of Tookapic/Pexels

It seemed like everyone was trying some form of new diet this year.

Whether it be a Ketogenic diet, opting for intermittent fasting or even employing flexitarianism, the health world has been abuzz this past year with exploring different ways of eating and noting the results.

As we move into the new year, and science yet again brings forth new information about what’s best for us, we are looking forward to seeing which food regimens rise to the top in 2018.

Bone Broth

Photo: Alison Marras/Unsplash

Bone broth has been buzzing for the past several years, but has really seen a boost over the past few months as adaptogens have increasingly been thrown into the spotlight.

What are adaptogens? They are essentially natural substances, such as herbs, that work with your body and help it adapt -- most notably to persistent stress and fatigue -- by regulating hormones.

Bone broth is rich in healthy compounds like collagen, which helps reduce inflammation and improves gut health. Many use bone broth to support intermittent fasting and restore healthy eating patterns. Some of the other benefits touted by bone broth include improved joint health and boosting the overall immune system.


2017 top wellness trends

Float, or isolation, tanks and cryotherapy are supposed to directly affect our brains, influencing the way our bodies heal. Photo: Jesse Orrico

Speaking of adaptogens, the concept of biohacking is coming up fast and should be recognized as one of the top trends of the year.

Diets like Bulletproof, which introduce high levels of healthy, saturated fats, have been rising in popularity as a way to clear inflammation in the body and fuel energy for active lifestyles.

But other forms of biohacking -- like float or isolation tanks and cryotherapy -- have been labeled as having a positive effect on our brains and calming our nervous systems. This is crucial to staying healthy, and increasing the quality and longevity of life.

This area of focus is only just gaining momentum, and we expect to see a lot more biohacks cropping up in 2018, including treatments and supplements that boost the brain, and in turn boost overall health.

CBD/cannabis and the active community

CBD is a cannabis derivative that does not contain THC -- the compound that contributes to psychoactive effects. Photo: Shane Rounce

CBD is having a moment.

Earlier this year, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) announced that the hemp-based compound has been removed from the banned substance list for Olympic athletes.

The anti-inflammatory cannabis derivative does not contain THC -- the chemical compound that contributes to psychoactive effects -- and has been viewed by many in the health space as having some pretty significant potential benefits. These benefits include pain and insomnia relief, which are components that align perfectly with athlete training and recovery.

As the stigma on the topic begins to fade, the sports community is embracing the positive benefits of the compound. And although cannabis has not been cleared for Olympic athlete use, a conversation has emerged about the substance and how it can affect athletic performance.

With more states on the cusp of considering legalizing recreational cannabis, and CBD making global headlines with Olympic approval, we think this trend may be only just getting started.

Gut Health

Probiotics are a great addition to any diet, bringing health and happiness. Photo: Courtesy of Alisa Anton/Unsplash

The mainstream is waking up to the fact that our stomachs actually function as our second brain, feeding our bodies information and often times acting as the root of a disease or imbalance we have.

As we continue to become more in tune with gut health, expect to see a lot more wellness products cropping up that center around restoring a healthy gut balance.

Quick-hit Meditation

The Outpost New York

Meditation and yoga inside the geodesic dome at the Outpost event in Catskills, New York. Photo: Semergiu

The importance of meditation to maintain overall health is a principle that the wellness community has been evangelizing for decades.

But this year, a shift of consciousness in the mainstream seemed to turbo-charge the mediation trend. Perhaps it was the collective success of the “athleisure” and yoga businesses, the increased reliance on technology, and (especially in America) the always-on work approach.

Whatever the impetus, it seemed like more than ever people are looking for an outlet to recharge their brains. Busy schedules lend themselves to only a few minutes of downtime, and the quick-hit, or one-hit meditation concept was one we saw cropping up more frequently at events and festivals, yoga studios and everywhere in between.

Acro Yoga, Goat Yoga and Instagram Yoga

Group AcroYoga pose during a jam at Cheesman Park, Denver.

Group AcroYoga pose during a jam at Cheesman Park, Denver. Photo: Courtesy of Jen Cameron

We’ll leave you with a few of the coolest (and strangest) trends we saw in 2017.

Are you willing to try goat yoga? The answer to that was “yes” for many people this year. As yoga continues to build momentum, and fitness and athleisure wear becomes increasingly popular, the mainstream is tapping into some activities that would be formally be considered fringe.

Arco yoga, which is a super-fun way to explore the discipline, got a bit of a spotlight, as well as other yoga trends that are going viral on Instagram and other social platforms.

In fact, this movement of “yoga for social media” and yoga-as-a-business is a trend in and of itself, with an influx of teachers and yoga-enthusiasts competing to see who can curate the most aesthetically pleasing poses and rise to the top of Instagram feeds. Not surprisingly, many yogis are questioning this trend from an ethical standpoint.

While we don’t expect yoga to fade any time soon, we’re curious to see the evolution of 2017’s trends in the very near future.

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