Robert Young on the all-American highway, Route 66. Photo: Courtesy of Robert Young

Robert Young on the all-American highway, Route 66. Photo: Courtesy of Robert Young

Robert Young, aka Marathon Man U.K., is a British extreme runner who is attempting to break the 36-year-old record for the fastest crossing of America on foot. Young has been on the run for around 20 days and is now in Kansas and on pace to break the decades-old record.

Having started his trip on May 13th leaving from Huntington Beach, California, Young will need to reach the Atlantic Ocean in less than 46 days, 8 hours and 36 minutes. According to his website (where you can track his progress) he is running about 60 miles a day by “a quick marathon early in the day, then I run an easy marathon and after that I just jog a little until I need to rest.”

Per the Guinness World Record guidelines, "It is up to the runner to choose the shortest/most suitable route between the two cities" so long as "the route distance [is] equal to or greater than New York City to Los Angeles. Any two coastal cities may be chosen as long as their distance apart exceeds the 2,766 miles from Los Angeles to New York.”

The current record is held by American runner Frank Giannino Jr. who completed the feat in 1980. While Young must keep his blistering pace, he is no schlub when it comes to running: he has 96 marathon and ultra-marathon wins, ran 370 marathons/ultras (100+ miles) in one year (the equivalent to 422 marathons), and holds the record for most miles run without sleep (373.75 in just over 88 hours).

Follow his progress on his website; if he stays on schedule he is set to finish in Times Square on June 27. Stay tuned for more on this Guinness World Record attempt.

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