Let’s say you want to attend the X Games this summer in Minneapolis, and make a whole vacation out of it.

First you’ve got to look up the schedule on the X Games website, find tickets on Ticketmaster for the event, book transportation (e.g. flight or train) on a separate website, and then book accommodations somewhere completely different. You’re looking at a very clunky process to get your trip dialed in.

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Thankfully, Rad Season came up with a solution.

Rad Season was founded in 2016 by Oli Russell-Cowan, a London transplant in Sydney, Australia who wanted to compile all of the world’s action and adventure sports events into one hub for easy access.

“I was on my honeymoon in Panama and we had four months to go from Panama to Los Angeles where we’d be flying back to Sydney,” Russell-Cowan told GrindTV. “So, depending on what swells were doing, we were going along the coast and stopping at all these different spots, but I couldn't find any information on surfing events or other action sports events and festivals.”

Founder Oli Russell-Cowan enjoying the ocean. Photo: Courtesy of Rad Season

It became a common theme that Russell-Cowan wondered about throughout the trip.

“You get like a one-liner in a guidebook saying ‘Day of the Dead Festival in Mexico City’ but they don’t really tell you that much about it,” Russell-Cowan told GrindTV. “I thought It would be cool to have a site with all this information on it, and people could find the other events and festivals, as well as book their accommodation and travel.”

Being amongst the crowd at the Quiksilver Pro at Snapper Rocks is certainly the experience of a lifetime. Photo: Courtesy of Ed Sloane/WSL

Rad Season had done an excellent job accumulating information on just about every action and adventure sports event and festival you can think of, including music festivals, beer festivals and even axe throwing festivals.

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And just this week they’ve launched their travel section where people can book everything through Rad Season, where all the information for the event you want to attend to is already available.

Partnering with Priceline, Rad Season is now truly a one-stop-shop for people looking to book entire travel vacations and packages around events that they’re interested in.

Who doesn’t want to meet a bunch of other like-minded people on vacation and party? Photo: Courtesy of Rad Season

“Now, users can book everything from accommodations, to travel, to car rentals and full packages,” Russell-Cowan says. “And in the future we’re looking for the ability to add adventures to those packages as well.”

Rad Season offers up information and booking options for just about any action and adventure sport festival you can come up with. Photo: Courtesy of Rad Season

The modern-day traveler can certainly benefit from this sort of easy access to pertinent information, especially when it’s so easy to become overwhelmed with all of the endless information out there on any event, travel destination or adventure.

Head on over to RadSeason.com and get your trip started.