The story of Elisha Reimer continues its amazing journey around the world. From the "Today" show to CNN to CBS to People Magazine to Australia to the Middle East, to basically every corner of the Earth, the inspirational tale has been touching people.

"With all the media coverage, we will try to put up just a few more interviews/articles etc.," Justin Reimer, Eli’s father, wrote on The Elisha Foundation Facebook page on Thursday. "The coverage is humbling and amazing."

So is the story.

Eli Reimer, 15, of Bend, Oregon, made history last month by becoming the first teenager with Down syndrome to reach Mount Everest base camp at 17,598 feet, making the 70-mile trek in 10 days.

SugarPopTV has one of the latest reports, which includes some video of the trek.

According to Time Magazine, a 35-year-old man from the U.K. was the first and only other person with Down syndrome to reach Mount Everest base camp in Nepal.

Eli Reimer made the trek with his father and a team of seven others, all to raise money and awareness for those with special needs.

The journey raised more than $94,000 for The Elisha Foundation, founded by Justin and Tamara Reimer in 2005, when they said God called them to minister to families of people with special needs, such as theirs.

The foundation's mission is "to provide refreshment and encouragement to families caring for people with special needs." The foundation offers workshops, programs, and other valuable resources to help these families.

"Part of the focus of this trek was on having at least one disabled trekker go with us and, through their attempt, point to the abilities of the 'dis'-abled," Justin Reimer told AFP.

The media attention the achievement has received is astonishing.

"He's sort of a superstar at school now," Justin Reimer told AFP.

Asked what he would tell his classmates about his incredible journey, Eli Reimer told AFP, "I liked base camp and being with my new friends on the trekking team."