cote's cube goes urban boogie boarding

Getting' wild in the streets on a rainy day. Photo by James Addonizio @ UNIV

It doesn't rain often in Southern California, but when it does, people panic and start behaving irrationally. Drivers lose control; fender benders are rampant. Kids are locked inside. Marathons of bad TV shows are queued up and the streets become wastelands of motorists and umbrella-wielding zombies looking to the sky and asking, "What is this moisture falling from the heavens?!"

Well, for Cote's Cube, the intense downpour offered up an unmissable chance to revisit childhood and hit the streets with a boogie board, a GoPro, a pair of BMX gloves, some old jeans, and a dream—the dream of bringing the sport of Urban Boogie Sliding back from obscurity!

The last time I did this was literally when I was 12 years old. I actually drive by this hill every day on my way to my office, and today, conditions were epic to slide again.

Too much fun to pass up for Cote's Cube. Photo: James Addonizio @ UNIV

Too much Cote's Cube-style fun to pass up; photo by James Addonizio @ UNIV

I put on two pairs of jeans (to protect my knees), a hoodie, and a jacket, grabbed some gloves, and hit the hill. It was just like I remembered it, only faster! People driving by gave me the funniest looks, like, "What is that grown-ass man doing sliding down a hill on a bodyboard in the rain?" Most of the people who drove by actually stopped and took photos of an adult behaving like a child. Immaturity has its rewards; mine was some road burn and a wet smile that you're gonna have a hard time wiping off for a while.

Getting the Cote's Cube shot with the GoPro. Photo: James Addonizio @ UNIV

Getting the shot with the GoPro; photo by James Addonizio @ UNIV

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