The latest and greatest from Epokhe, a new eyewear company spawned from the brains of pro surfers Dion Agius, Mitch Coleborn, and filmmaker Kai Neville, comes to us in the form of “Beauty Pockets,” an 8-plus minute cinematic journey to Australia’s southern coast, where the three guys are joined by new team rider Creed Mctaggart.

Lensman Kai Neville summed the trip up thusly: “It was cool to get back on the road with Dion and Mitch; we brought Creed along for this road trip. We had just signed him around a month before. The team needed some youth—someone to just run around, surf, and hopefully be stoked on what we were doing with the brand. Creed fit like a glove. He lit the old boys up on this onshore right slab. He is a product of a subculture, and now he's part of this gang of friends running ’round shooting and making things.”

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