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Mullaghmore in Ireland has continued to provide some of the biggest, coldest, and meanest waves in the world over the last 10 days. Tom Butler and Sebastian Stuednter found some huge waves last week, and they were soon joined by the U.K.'s Andrew Cotton and Portugal's Hugo Vau.

"We couldn't find anyone to surf with and just before dark the conditions turned on," Cotton told GrindTV. "Usually we prefer to have a few more Jet Skis for safety, but the waves were so good, we had no choice. Thankfully Hugo saved my a*# a few times and then put me in the spot for one of my deepest tubes ever at Mully."

"It was one of the most consistent runs of Mully days there’s been in a long while," local windsurfer and photographer Finn Mullen said. "The boys and all the local crew definitely had to pay their dues. With snow, gale-force winds, and the fifty shades of rain it was, as ever in Ireland, all about finding and waiting for the window to catch that nugget."

After Cotton and Vau returned to their respective homes, the swell continued. South Africa's Matt Bromley, who has just done a five-week tour of the Emerald Isle, paddled into one huge wave.

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"Mully is nuts!” said Bromley. “I paddled this session with a crew of serious underground chargers rocking a 6-foot, 9-inch gun. We paddled some serious waves, in between dodging the freak 15 footers.”

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