Kids snowboard videos

Stoke comes in all shapes and sizes. And those sizes are often pint-sized. Screenshot taken from video

All world-class skiers and snowboarders were kids once. And most of them were waist deep in on-snow promise back then. We went through the digital vaults to find some ski and snowboard video stoke just for stoke's sake, like a girl learning to snowboard at 16 months old. There's also some amazing vintage footage of the guy who's now entering the Cher part of his career: I'm retired; I'm not retired … either way I'm in a crappy bandShaun White. And there's a handful of names you'll be seeing a lot of in the future, so tune in, turn YouTube on, and watch these young-uns drop in.

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Ava Marie is only 16 months old in this video, but she points it and is living proof that really young kids don’t have to start their snowsport lives on skis. But, the industry hasn't caught up to kids like Ava Marie: The highbacks on her bindings hit her mid-thigh. The pink one-piece and huge smile? Cute as all get out.

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At 11 years old, Shaun White was a helluva rider thanks to lots of natural talent and plenty of on-snow time: The family was rumored to park their RV at a parking lot in Mammoth when Shaun was a kid so the SoCal-based fam could get lots of shred time.

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Folks are already calling Chole Kim the next Shaun White. Although she's known for her half-pipe skills and missing the Olympics last year because her age made her ineligible (competitors have to be at least 14), she also throws down in slope. Catch up with her in this stoke-worthy bio. Off the slopes, she's also impressive: She's already trilingual.

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A gaggle of California rippers who are too young to get into a PG13 movie take over SoCal's Bear Mountain. The crew includes Red Gerard, Darren Mack, Graham Haley, Gabe Ferguson, Brock Crouch, Cody Warble, and Judd Henkes.

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Cody LaPlante's edit is from 2011-12, when he hit the ripe of old age of 10. Surname sound familiar? That could be due to Cody's wild skills or a famous TedX talk Cody's barely teenage brother delivered a few years back about the future of education, which is stoke-worthy in its own right.

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