“There were some hogs out there today,” remarked 11-time world champ Kelly Slater via Twitter regarding his second-ever session at the remote and dangerous Tasmanian slab known as “Shipstern’s Bluff.” The accompanying photo was taken by Kelly with his GoPro camera from the channel as Tasmanian surfer Marti Paradisis drops into one of the hairier beasts of the day. Thanks to Kelly’s sponsorship by the micro-camera company, we’re getting to see a lot more “Slater-vision” than ever before.

Over the weekend Kelly hopped a flight from Australia to Hobart, Tasmania, after carefully tracking a large swell that was bearing down on the region. In typical Slater fashion, he showed up for what locals were calling the best day of the year, with unusually calm conditions overtaking the generally unruly lineup at Shippies. The below video, filmed by local Dave Otto, was captured from far above, on the top of the famous cliff that gives the wave its name.