Marin County is the greener, quieter sister of San Francisco. While some know it only as “the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge,” Marin holds abundant hidden treasures within its wilderness.

If you’re looking to book a weekend getaway, you’ll want to add Marin County to the top of your list. Home to a vibrant farming community, diverse animal populations and a plethora of outdoor activities, there is always something new to try in Marin.


Because of the salt from the sea that floats through the air and onto the abundant grasses of Marin, the local grass-fed cows produce some of the most unique and flavorful dairy products in the world.

Marin is known not only for its cheeses and dairy products, but for its overall local food scene. Farmers and markets work together to bring visitors and residents transparently sourced local eats with plenty of flavor.


With so much of the land in Marin County protected as open space, there is an abundance of outdoor activities to try while visiting the area. Mountain biking (which was invented on local mountain Mount Tamalpais), hiking, horseback riding and more are all available for visitors who want to get outside.


You can do almost any water sport in Marin County. Kayaking, SUP, kitesurfing and more are all easily accessible in Marin.

Due to the variety in wind patterns throughout the seasons, Marin plays host to a variety of pursuits. In the winter, winds die down, making the bay calm and pristine for SUP and kayaking. In the summertime, winds pick back up, providing perfect conditions for sports like kitesurfing.


Alongside all of the outdoor pursuits available, Marin is also known for its shopping, cuisine, music scene and wine/cheese tastings.

For a weekend trip that’s as tasty as it is beautiful, make your way along the “Cheese Trail.” It’s one of the most entertaining ways you can eat your way through the county.

Get wild

The abundant wildlife in Marin County is one of the most celebrated in the nation. It is here that over 50 percent of the bird population in North America has been documented, along with 85 mammal species.

According to locals, Marin never really loses its special qualities or uniqueness. If you haven’t been, it’s something you need to experience for yourself.

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