New Yorkers are overworked, nature deprived and high-strung. As one myself, I can attest to that. Which makes our excursions into the outdoors and away from the City that much more important.

Hawaii Tourism United States has recognized this and is offering a contest for six New York area people to win an 8-day, 7-night work residency from one of six remote work spaces throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

Dubbed Work From Hawaii, it’s open for applications now and will be giving these experiences of a lifetime away for this fall.

The residency on Molokai offers a second space outside on the shoreline. Photo: Courtesy of Work From Hawaii

The corner office on Lanai. Photo: Courtesy of Work From Hawaii

Much like the recent WOW Air Summer Travel Duo contest, Hawaii Tourism will float the bill for just about everything. The winners will receive roundtrip flights from New York City, a free workspace, accommodations, a per diem for meals and local transportation, and the opportunity to partake in three island activities.

The remote work residency program was undertaken due to recent studies showing more Americans are choosing to work remotely.

As the press release states:

“The week-long ‘WFH’ residencies are designed to inspire the best work of your life; and suit the interests and occupations of the busiest, most ambitious city-dwellers, from advertising executives to start-up CEOs, techies, writers and even visual artists. Room, board and experience is sponsored by HTUSA to spark a new type of routine that only Hawaii can provide. Each opportunity features a unique work and living space, dedicated island ambassadors and hands-on itineraries to delve deep into Hawaii’s cuisine, culture, and adventure.”

The six workspaces are located on Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Lanai and the Island of Hawaii and offer unique settings and accommodations to cater to your work habits. The application is fairly straightforward and is free. The contest runs until June 4, 2018 and the residencies will take place in September 2018.

The tech lab on Maui. Photo: Courtesy of Work From Hawaii

The main writing space on Molokai. Photo: Courtesy of Work From Hawaii

If you’re a New Yorker who has the ability to work remotely, why wouldn’t you apply for this awesome opportunity?

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