The flights out of Faro, Portugal don’t go direct to the States. There a few options you can use to connect, but I had opted for Dublin with Aer Lingus. Side note: Aer Lingus also doesn’t charge for surfboard bags on flights to and from North America. I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland and I saw a 10-hour layover flight option as a possibility to do that.

Day 6 of 7 in Portugal: The Ponta da Piedade cliffs and goodbyes

I flew out of Faro at 9:00 p.m. Saturday evening, but arrived to the airport much earlier than that. My time in Portugal was one that highlighted the differences between American vacations and European holidays. It’s an idealogical issue and one I truly feel Americans should make a better effort to live like and Bura Surfhouse‘s Surf Yoga Wine retreat is a perfect example of taking advantage of that mentality.

Liffey Bridge, also known as Ha'Penny Bridge. Photo: Ryan Brower

Liffey Bridge, also known as Ha’Penny Bridge. Photo: Ryan Brower

Arriving in Dublin just shy of midnight, my Sunday morning flight wasn’t scheduled to leave until 10:50 a.m. local time. So I had planned to grab a taxi and try to hit Centre City Dublin before the bars all closed. I couldn’t have lucked out better with my driver, as Matthew had lived all his life in Dublin and gave me the ins-and-outs of what’d I’d find this evening. He gave me history lessons along the way, told me what Dublin life was like and even agreed to pick me back up at the spot he dropped me off in a couple hours at 2 a.m.

Some horse and carriages posted up at . Photo: Ryan Brower

Some horse and carriages posted up at The Oliver St. John Gogarty. Photo: Ryan Brower

I sauntered around the Temple Bar area for the few hours, taking in the scene. While it’s a bit of a chaotic drinking focus on a Saturday night, I finally ducked into the Auld Dubliner Pub per Matthew’s suggestion. Jammed packed with a local Irish band roaring the crowd along, I squeezed my way to the bar for an experience I’ve heard so much about when in Ireland: a real Guinness pint.

Finally had a pint in Dublin.

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It did not disappoint. I heard the band jam out a few familiar tunes along with a bunch that weren’t. Every inch of the bar was a dance floor and the patrons cared not that none of them had the proper space for it.

The iconic Temple Bar of the Temple Bar Quarter. Photo: Ryan Brower

The iconic Temple Bar of the Temple Bar Quarter. Photo: Ryan Brower

2 a.m. rolled around a lot quicker than I would’ve like it to, but I had gotten to drink my first proper Dublin Guinness and walked around the hallowed streets of one of the most historically important cities around. Matthew was right where he said he’d be and we had a nice chat on the way back to the airport about what Dublin was like when he was a kid, living and let live and the fact that the Irish are just a happy people that want others to experience that happiness. I told him I’d be back one day for a proper trip, and he assured me I would.

The Temple Bar Quarter's iconic arch. Photo: Ryan Brower

The Temple Bar Quarter’s iconic arch. Photo: Ryan Brower

My European adventure was coming to an end and it’s certainly one I hope to expand upon in the near future. Lagos truly is a hidden treasure and a place that all those wanting a typical European holiday on the cheap with incredible seafood, tasty wine and the ease of not having to even really speak Portuguese should venture to. Bura Surfhouse is definitely the route to go and if you want some of it planned out for you, their Surf Yoga Wine retreat is right up your alley.

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