Sitting in cramped economy seats because many commercial airlines are shrinking space on planes is a reality air travelers have had to deal with for quite some time. But Italian seat manufacturer Aviointeriors is aiming to present a solution for that: standing seats.

The SkyRider 2.0 was recently unveiled at the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2018 in Hamburg and looks more like a harness on a roller coaster than a seat on an airplane.

The SkyRider 2.0. Photo: Courtesy of Aviointeriors

According to CNN Travel, “The seats are so far upright, they’ll be pretty much standing up. Aviointeriors compared the seating position to that of a horseback rider, pointing out that cowboys can sit on saddles for hours without feeling uncomfortable.”

While essentially standing for long flights may not sound all that appealing to many people, Aviointeriors was sure to point out that the seats are meant for short flights only. Plus, it could have added benefits similar to that of standing desks, which have surged in popularity to get people out of their seats and onto their feet for healthier lifestyles.

The SkyRider 2.0 also has the bottomline benefit that commercial airlines might be most fixated on. A spokesperson for Aviointeriors told CNN Travel, “The design of this seat enables to increase the passenger number by 20 percent allowing increasing profits for airline companies. Furthermore, Sky Rider 2.0 weighs 50 percent less than standard economy class seats and the reduced number of components enable minimum maintenance costs.”

Being able to sell more tickets will certainly be alluring for airlines, but it remains to be seen if any commercial airlines will gamble on the SkyRider 2.0. This is Aviointeriors second attempt at a standing seat, as their first iteration of the seat was manufactured in 2010 but failed to gain approval from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration.

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