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The tiny trend is gaining speed, traction, mainstream attention, all of the above. Would we be true adventurers, living on the edge of society and most times reason, if we didn’t partake, or at least experiment?

Why’d the chicken cross the road in front of the tiny house? Photo: Katie Rodriguez

On a seven-day road trip through Oregon I stayed at the Tiny Inn just outside of Bend, Oregon.

The kitchen. Photo: Katie Rodriguez

If the Tiny Inn isn’t big on space, it is on charm. Totaling 198 square feet, built on a 16-foot trailer, the inn features a three-burner stove, kitchenette, bathroom with shower and a queen size loft.

Thoughtful details like built in shelving to hold knick-knacks and small appliances alike help utilize precious space, as well as the loft bed built into the structure.

Somewhere to sit, to read, to daydream: the window seat. Photo: Hayley Helms

The window seat provides a little nook for reading next to the window on sunny days, and a place for guests to sit when they come over.

For how small the inn is, the bathroom is surprisingly spacious, and has corroded steel walls that add a bit of an industrial element to the country-chic design.

Pops of blues, greens and oranges help bring the home to life. Photo: Katie Rodriguez

The kitchen is thoughtfully designed as well, with everything you need in reach, and nothing more than the necessities.

There’s no shortage of color in the Tiny Inn, and the pops of bright hues bring a cheery vibe to the space.

The full view of kitchen. You can see the loft bed at the top of the frame. Photo: Hayley Helms

The Tiny Inn is built on a trailer, so the owners can move it all. The location is slightly secret until you book and are sent details: after all, with their home on wheels, the owners need to be pretty careful who knows where they little abode is.

The Tiny Inn is about 15 minutes outside of town, in farm country, surrounded by fields and replete with chickens wandering through the yard as you get up to make your morning coffee.

Interested in staying in the Tiny Inn? Check out more details.

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