Remember last year when Scottish craft beer maker BrewDog launched (and funded) an Indiegogo campaign to build a craft beer hotel in Columbus, Ohio?

The response was overwhelmingly positive, as the brewery raised over $324k to enact the plan. Set to open later this summer, it’s an offering that people are certainly clamoring for.

Which is why BrewDog recently announced they would be creating a similar craft beer hotel at their headquarters in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Set to open in early 2019, the Doghouse Hotel looks to compliment the U.S. experience.

The Doghouse will feature 26 rooms overlooking BrewDog’s new brewhouse, and will be a three-minute walk to their headquarters. It’s a bit out of the way in Scotland, so they’re hoping to create an entirely immersive craft beer experience for anyone who visits.

“Anyone who stays there can wake up to those brewday aromas (no alarm clock required),” it said in the announcement. “We are going all out on the rooms – each will have Punk IPA on tap and will be en-suite with a killer shower-beer fridge so you are never more than an arm's reach from a chilled craft beer!”

What the rooms will look like at the Doghouse. Photo: Courtesy of BrewDog

The Doghouse right next to the BrewDog main brewery. Photo: Courtesy of BrewDog

The positive response (and we’re guessing ultimate popularity) of craft beer hotels could continue to increase. It’s a spectrum within niche travel that is a growing segment within the travel sector.

What craft beer lover wouldn’t want to take a craft beer shower while overlooking that very beer being brewed?

Wake up and smell the beer aroma. Photo: Courtesy of BrewDog

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