The Harteau family, who were missing in the Brazilian Amazon since Sunday, has just been reported safe, according to G1 and a family friend close to the situation.

The Washington Post reported Wednesday that an American family, known for their travels through their Instagram account and blog, Our Open Road, was missing after an alleged pirate attack on their ferry.

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As reported by G1, Adam Harteau, 39, Emily Faith Harteau, 37, and the two daughters, ages 3 and 7, were found by riparians near the Jacaré-Grande River, according to fishermen. A photo sent by Segup shows the family next to community residents.

Dustin Beatty, a friend of the Harteaus, has been in contact with friends and family. He told GrindTV, “The [American] Embassy confirmed they are alive and heading to a clinic after their rescue.”

According to the New York Post, the family was traveling through the Amazon by ferry on Sunday when their ferry was boarded by a group of armed thieves.

The New York Post reports that a police spokesperson told FocusOn News, “Several heavily armed men boarded the ferry and pusher and kept the passengers and crew hostage for hours.” When police arrived at the scene of the robbery, the Harteau family was not on board with the other victims.

According to the Washington Post, a search was underway to locate the family of four. It seems now that they have been found and are safe with authorities.

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