Zeal Optics Marketing & Team Manager Mike Lewis on The Sessions @ SIA 2015

Zeal has made its name in the eyewear space from its range of sustainable products, which continues to expand each year. The entire sunglasses line is now made from plant-based materials, which means they are petroleum-free. This plant-based substance also enhances the end-product, with improved clarity and lightness, according to Marketing & Team Manager Mike Lewis.

The goal for Zeal is to move the goggle collection onto the same exact program, although that presents some challenges: “Goggles are such a small niche industry. There’s three factories that are making them. It’s hard without economies of scale  to bring new materials in, and get factories to take that on. We are reaching out to other goggle manufacturers to try to get them to pledge to demand more sustainably sourced straps; there are so many recycled materials out there that makes this very doable if that economy of scale is there and people are insistent on it.”

Zeal Optics Marketing & Team Manager Mike Lewis on The Sessions @ SIA 2015

The Boulder, Colorado-based company has also prided itself on its innovation around technology when it comes to all of its products, especially goggles.

“For next year, we added 17 new skus to the line including our new Polar Auto+, which is a new photochromic, polarized patented lens that has a super broad range of VLT [visible light transmission], so it’s good from the sunniest days to the flattest days,” says Lewis. “You see everyone in the goggle market chasing this quick change technology. At Zeal we believe the fastest lens change you’ll ever make is the one you don’t have to do—let the lens do the work for you.”

For a more in-depth look at some of the recent initiatives from Zeal, take a look at a breakdown of the new materials in its Crafted Collection.

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