YES. introduces, The Clark.

Shape-It-Yourself blank snowboard will be available to the public, January 2015.

The Clark. [S.I.Y]

PRESS RELEASE – Named in tribute to the company that supplied most of the surfing world with foam, enabling generations of innovative designers to practice their craft at any scale. Both established brands and backyard shapers used Clark blanks to express themselves in the most democratic and creative of cultures.

A lot of us have always envied this.

Most snowboards are pretty fun to look at because you imagine riding them and having fun. Depending on the shape, the graphic and the person, different images and scenarios are conjured up.

The Clark is an added level of creative experience that snowboarders have been shut out from for too long. Its blank, simple form ignites the imagination for what could be. Dreaming up all the outlines and combinations of ideas you always thought would make the perfect powder sled is an emotional ride that no other snowboard can take you on.


Of course this isn't really a snowboard… 

Until you make it one.

Lengths: 0-156cm

Shape: Unknown.

Outline: Unknown.

Flex: 3.5/5

Base Profile: PowRock (same rocker as the 420)

Core: Full Poplar.

Glass: Triax.

Base Material: Extruded.

The goal for this project is to launch an open-source community. YES. will supply a few templates to download online but we expect this to be just the seeding for community-driven design assets. An aggregate of ideas, expression, shaping tips and general creative stoke for anything that slides.


YES.'s home is located in the heart of the Coastal Mountains in Squamish, BC with offices in Truckee California and Rolle, Switzerland. The brand was founded by some of the most iconic snowboarders to ever inspire our tribe – Romain DeMarchi, David Carrier-Porcheron and JP Solberg.

YES.'s Global licensee is The Nidecker Group, located in Rolle Switzerland. For more information visit: