Low Pressure Studio, Yeah For It Distribution

Low Pressure Studio offices have relocated to the SODO area of Seattle

Low Pressure Studio Will Continue To Oversee The Sales, Distribution, Customer Service and Retail Relations For The Brands In North America

Seattle, WA AUGUST 19, 2015Yeah For It Distribution, home of Bataleon Snowboards, Lobster Snowboards, Whitegold Snowboards and Switchback Bindings in the United States and Canada has changed its name to Low Pressure Studio after relocating their office to Seattle, WA. Low Pressure Studio (LPS) will continue to oversee the sales, distribution, customer service and retailer relations for the brands in North America.

"It makes sense to operate under the same name in North America as we already do in Europe," explains Dennis Dusseldorp, Director LPS. "There have been many questions and even some confusion over the last year about the relationship between Bataleon Snowboards, Lobster Snowboards, Switchback Bindings and the US company Yeah For It Distribution. To clear up such misunderstandings and create a clear structure, ready for future projects, we decided to bring the US company under our same name."

"Low pressure systems bring us the good stuff we crave to do what we love to do," adds Danny Kiebert, Creative Director LPS. "Without low pressure systems whipping up the storms that bring us snow and waves, playing outdoors would get super boring. Here at the studio we like to think of ourselves as that creative storm that always strives to blow fresh winds into our industry."

Tyler Ketz, Operations and Sales for North America has seen the changes first-hand. "We created Yeah For It 4 years ago when our US operations grew to include Lobster and Switchback in addition to Bataleon Snowboards. We were able to combine so many aspects of production including sales, warehousing and back office so that smaller brands could now offer the same service as their larger counterparts. The newly formed Low Pressure Studio will continue in that same manner but with a way cooler name."

In addition to the name-change, Low Pressure Studio has relocated their offices to the SODO area of Seattle, giving them the opportunity to easily connect to Seattle's snow community as well as the greater NW area.

These changes to Low Pressure Studio allow them to continue to provide top-level service and support to their retailers and end consumers but also provides a seamless connection to the European parent company. "We work hand-in-hand with Dennis, Danny and our Amsterdam team and speak with them on a daily basis (thanks Skype!). We discuss everything from board graphics to sales strategies and how Seattle compares to Amsterdam (it's getting more similar over the years). We want our name to reflect the united creative front that we are, owned and operated by snowboarders and connecting to snowboarders as efficiently as possible," adds Ketz

"These are interesting times in the snowboarding world, some would even say turbulent," continues Ketz. "Change is ever at our doorstep and we are only in the infancy of the industry itself. We intend to keep doing our thing, helping to make sure snowboarding stays cool and creative with innovative product that makes snowboarding even more fun. "

Low Pressure Studio is now located in the Bemis Building on 55 South Atlantic Street in Seattle, a baseball toss away from Safeco field, the Filson Flagship store and Dreamgirls (purely coincidental). Stop by for a Heineken and a look at the 1516 line of boards and bindings.

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