The pro skateboarder partners with Boo Johnson for the beginning of their Holiday Season collection of designs

Boo Johnson was chosen to collaborate with Yea.Nice after the company noticed his unique style and creativity. The beanie design is one of a number of collaborations being released for the Holiday Season. The Boo Johnson beanie is also part of the Beanies For Life program, with donations going to a homeless shelter. Fashion and humanitarianism are getting a new look this season.

SAN CLEMENTE, CA (October 15, 2015) – Yea.Nice is excited to announce the release of skateboarder Boo Johnson's signature beanie from the brand. Boo's beanie is the first of a number of signature designs for this Holiday Season.

"Im excited about this signature beanie I did with Yea Nice," said Boo Johnson. "I didn't want to do too much or too little, so I took a basic beanie and threw some paint splash in the mix to give it some flair as well as adding a little secret holder within the fold of the beanie. I just wanted to have a little fun with the project so I did and it came out really rad from my point of view. I hope you enjoy…JHF."

The beanie will be available in three different colors exclusively on

"At our core, being unique and doing things off of the beaten path is what Yea.Nice is about and played a huge part in our success" said Yea.Nice co-founder Josh Sherman. "Boo Johnson has such a unique style and he put his creativity to work in his beanie. Boo took a hands on approach when developing the Boo J beanie and was in full control of design and functionality and it shows! We're excited to launch a signature product with Boo and continue to build out his collection for years to come".

Boo Johnson's signature beanie will also be part of the brand's Beanies For Life program. For every unit sold, Yea Nice will donate a beanie to a homeless shelter.

[YeaNice Mission Statement]

Yea.Nice's mission is to create a timeless product that connects a forward thinking culture to motivate a world both personally and aesthetically. We specialize in creating beanies with the highest regard to attention in quality, function, and originality.

About YeaNice

Founded in 2010, the brands inspiration comes through the real life story of pro snowboarders JJ Thomas & Josh Sherman and their obstacles of bearing some of the harshest winter conditions and coming out stronger with Olympic and X-games medals. Yea.Nice is based out of San Clemente, CA and its heartbeat is carried through some of the most influential artists, athletes, and celebrities today.