Woodward Tahoe

On-Snow Camp Will be Available During Summer With Lift Access

Truckee, Calif. —  Woodward Tahoe continues to be the leader in innovation and technology in advancing the experience at the resort and camp. The newest technology being introduced at Woodward Tahoe will allow snowboarders and skiers to ride real snow at summer camp. The Snowfactory is based on a refrigeration process similar to air conditioning. Water is sprayed onto the inner way of the icemaker, equipped with a double wall. Water freezes completely, gets harvested and is distributed. The water used is completely clean and free of biological content and has a very low melting rate due to the exchange from dry ice to air.  Snow camp is scheduled to open the first week of summer camp onJune 12 and continue for eight weeks.


“This game-changing technology will allow skiers and snowboarders to ride in California all summer long – it doesn't get any cooler than that," said Shaydar Edelmann, vice president, Boreal operations. "We are proud to offer this experience for campers and riders of all abilities who want to play in the snow at summer camp!"
Woodward Tahoe's new snowfactory will help ensure Tahoe has snow all summer for lift-accessed snow camp.  This system has successfully been used in Europe, and Woodward Tahoe is the first to use this system in the states.  
For more information on Woodward Tahoe and the eight-week on-snow camp, log on to www.woodwardtahoe.com.  
About Woodward Tahoe
Woodward Tahoe offers summer camp, daily drop-in sessions, and Ride with Woodward programs throughout the year.  Woodward Tahoe features The Bunker, a 33,000 square foot indoor facility with trampolines, satellite ramps, foam pits and an indoor concrete skatepark.  In the summer, campers also have access to an on-snow terrain park, outdoor concrete skate parks and BMX dirt jump lines through the trees.

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