On June 21st, skateboarders around the world come together for Go Skateboarding Day to skate through cities and participate in sponsored events.

Go Skateboarding Day can be heard around the globe and brands like Vans, DC Shoes, Nike SB, and local skateshops host some pretty astounding events in order to give back to the community. At these events, skateboarders get to meet their favorite pros, grab free product, and in some cases, eat free food.

Here are some of the biggest players in this year’s Go Skateboarding Day:


Vans is going huge this year with an international tour to 76 international stops across Asia, New Zealand, and Australia. Each event will be packed with skate jams, giveaways, photo shoots, and afterparties.

Go Skateboarding Day 2017

Last year in Dali, China. Photo courtesy of Vans.

DC Shoes

With four stops across the globe, it is safe to say that DC is going pretty big too. #DCGSD2017 will be hosting giveaways, live skate jams, contests, and much more in San Diego, Philadelphia, Toronto, and Barcelona.

Go Skateboarding Day 2017

Don’t forget to use the hashtag, #DCGSD2017 if you partake in their activities. Photo courtesy of DC.

Nike SB

Nike is posting up in New York this year to host giveaways, a best-trick contest, and even teamed up with California Skateparks to conduct repairs to Les Coleman Skatepark of New York.

Go Skateboarding Day 2017

A photo from Nike’s Go Skateboarding Day from 2016. Photo courtesy of Nike.


Chances are, your local skateshop is doing something to celebrate Go Skateboarding Day. A local skateshop based out of Oregon, Tactics is gathering their community for a cross-town group skate to a local skatepark for a fun-filled day of skateboarding festivities.

Go Skateboarding day 2017

Chances are, your local skateshop has a similar-looking flier on their window. Photo courtesy of Tactics.


Many skateboarding foundations celebrate Go Skateboarding day by hosting donations to an assortment of communities. For example, Skateistan has been asking the public to donate in order to, “Give the magic of skateboarding to children in Afghanistan, Cambodia, and South Africa.”

Go Skateboarding Day 2017

Help spread the love. Photo courtesy of Skateistan.