Walden Venture Capital has invested in Boombotix. The mobile audio device designer has seen rapid growth- it boasts distributors in over 20 countries with more than 140 retailers domestically including Best Buy, Backcountry.com, and Amazon– though it began with a virtually non-existant marketing budget. Boombotix is focused on carving out a spot in the core and specialty sports market, and has managed to break a million in trailing revenue after pushing its product in some of the bigger tradeshows.

Boombotix CEO Lief Storer commented, "The Boombot speaker line is constantly expanding, and the team is eager to develop new products and continually improve the products already in our portfolio.  This round is just going to help us lay down the real foundation that we need to take things to the next level."

When you look at a team like Boombotix, you see a company that is young, hungry and dedicated rather than a bunch of fat cat executives.  Much of the brand success has come from the penetration into the core and specialty sports market.  With a limited/non-existent marketing budget, the company scrapped up enough cash to get into some of the bigger tradeshows and leveraged strategic product placement to drive sales.  Lief also mentioned, "With a lot of buyers being strapped, it is hard to move in a big line into a store and get the commitment.  Boombotix has come in with a small product line that fills a key niche in the accessories/gift category and it works!"  

Walden VC group is a seed stage investor in a variety of music technology startups including Pandora, BandPage, and Sound Hound and outdoor flash retailer, The Clymb.   With their key partnerships in the consumer facing space and an arsenal of good technology portfolio companies, expect to see Boombotix making some big moves in the upcoming months as one of the fastest growing hardware companies on the market. 

About the company

BoomBotix creates mobile audio solutions for life on the edge. Founded in 2009 with roots in San Francisco’s urban art scene and the Tahoe action sports arena, the company made a merger of alternative art and sport. In 2010, BoomBotix splashed into the portable electronics scene with the worlds loudest portable speaker tailored to the transient lifestyles of surf, skate, and snow culture.

Our company values innovation, performance and engineering. The pride and passion we take in our products can be seen in the meticulous attention to detail in each design. With each product we release, we want to create a life altering experience that stays with you forever.