Is vert dead? At the Skatepark of Tampa it appears so. In a recent press release SPoT announced that they will be hosting an event titled Vert is Dead Jam on Halloween, Saturday, October 31, 2009 . A mini-street course  will be created on the Vert Ramp flat-bottom, prior to killing it sometime next year.

Recently at the Moat Show in Tampa,  show GM Ryan Clements had commented “I don't think we're doing a Tampa Pro Vert this year, and if we do it's going to be on a very small scale, maybe a demo or a session because you just can't get enough of the vert guys to show up for the contests anymore.”

Along with no vert skaters showing up, the removal of the vert ramp would create extra space and allow more booths and accommodations at trade shows like The Moat Show.

So if you are itching to get on the ramp do it now before it’s gone or go and check out the Vert is Dead Jam on Halloween. Visit for more!