For many brands, product segmentation is a hot topic right now. Knowing which of your consumers will most appreciate which product helps you maintain brand identity as well as a sustainable business model. We learned at the SIMA Boot Camp this month that segmentation is not as easy as it looks on paper, but with the right amount of work, it can have a huge payoff.

On that same note, today Vans introduced the ArcAd, a limited-distribution classification designed to elevate their Pro Skate category. The first product in the collection is a nod to that authentic skate culture—a special-edition of the Gilbert Crockett Pro 2 in partnership with Quasi Skateboards, only available to select core retailers. You can read the full press release below:

Representing the pinnacle offering from the Vans Pro Skate collection, Vans introduces ArcAd, a select, limited-distribution Pro Skate classification created to elevate skateboarding performance standards while preserving Vans' commitment to the upper echelon of core skate shops around the world.

You can learn more here:

For its inaugural season, Vans Pro Skate ArcAd presents a special-edition of the Gilbert Crockett Pro 2 in partnership with Quasi Skateboards. Available only to select core skate accounts worldwide and in exceptionally limited quantities, the Gilbert Crockett Pro 2 ArcAd is built on the comfort and cushioning of the Vans' Ultracush HD insole, cradled by the durability and support of Vans' revolutionary Wafflecup outsole.

Gilbert's signature pro model has been simplified into a custom one-piece woven jacquard based on Quasi's boom pattern, and re-engineered with translucent Rapidweld layers to provide lightweight reinforcement and proven skate durability in the places you need it. The Gilbert Crockett Pro 2 ArcAd is also accompanied by a Slip-On Lite, complete with a custom labeled satin-lined cinch backpack/tote bag, and a unique double drawer box.

Vans Pro Skate ArcAd champions the progression of skateboarding culture by engineering advanced skateboarding performance with the highest level of craftsmanship and modern design. Learn more about Vans Pro Skate ArcAd on Instagram @VansArcAd.