UPS Carbon Neutral Program Welcomes Volcom

This story originally appeared on Transworld Business and has been republished with permission. For more stories, visit Transworld Business.

Volcom has announced its participation in the UPS carbon neutral program, which will allow the company to track company-wide carbon impacts related to shipping, and to decrease these emission through 3rd party verified carbon offset programs. The programs address projects like reforestation and renewable energy installments.

UPS will tabulate the carbon impacts of Volcom shipments, applying a destination-based fee to each shipped package and then earmarking that money for the purchase of carbon credits. Volcom will cover the fee, which will range from $0.05 to $0.75.

This voluntary participation in the UPS carbon neutral program marks another step taken my Volcom in its consumer-facing efforts. The company is currently employing a B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Bag) campaign- to discourage the over-use of disposable bags- which comes on the heels of last year's partnership with I:CO. These initiatives supplement the V.Co-logical Series and Give Back Series items that are sold in stores to support select environmental and social causes. Derek Sabori, Volcom's Director of Sustainability, stated, "While there's still much more work to do, each move takes us one step closer to our goal of being a real contributor to a cleaner future."

UPS carbon neutral shipping will become available to consumers on immediately, just in time to celebrate World Environment Day. The program will roll out to Volcom's corporate internal and retail shipments by mid-2012.

"Participating in the UPS carbon neutral program is an exciting opportunity for us," said Volcom's President and Chief Operations Officer, Jason Steris. "We are proud to be able to make this service available to our consumers and retail partners, at no additional cost to them, and we anticipate that this will measurably aid us in our goal of offsetting our carbon footprint."