*Note: Timeline scale is relative. TWBASI was calculated semi-annually from January 2008 until the beginning of 2012, at which time the average was calculated monthly.

The tech world has the NASDAQ, Japan has the Nikkei, London's got the FTSE, and the go to stock index globally is the NYSE, but what about action sports?  Meet the TransWorld Business Action Sports Index, or for the acronymally inclined, TWBASI. We selected 14 of the industry's publicly traded companies and went back to the very beginning of the great recession to track the performance of these publicly traded bellwether's of the industry's health.

The TWBASI broke the 38 barrier for the first time in its nearly five-year range, since before the beginning of the great recession.

This month’s record breaking performance comes on the heels of August’s four-month highand was primarily fueled by strong growth from Jarden, Vail Resorts, and V.F. Corp. While these high-ticket stocks’ leaps had an outsized impact on the index, strong percentage growths at Globe and Quiksilver also helped buoy numbers and investors’ accounts.

This month saw stocks slide at Nike, Skullcandy, and Zumiez but October is off to a strong start across the board.