Mt. Baker Snowboard shop
9996 Forest St.
Glacier, WA
Shop Owner: Marcella Dobis

Mt. Baker Snowboard Shop

Mt. Baker Snowboard shop is the only one of its kind in the small town of Glacier, Washington. Owned by Marcella Dobis, daughter of legendary Mt. Baker "Mountain Man" George Dobis, the shop has been around since 1989 and is the only core shop in the immediate area. Mt. Baker Snowboard shop specializes in snow and some skate hardgoods, but also carries everything from apparel to accessories, according to Dobis. It also offers a rental and repair service. Dobis and her staff were dealing with the aftermath of several mudslides near the shop when TransWorld Business caught up with her, but she was still positive about sales. "Our season started about a month and a half late, but when the snow did hit it was unbelievable and business is really good."


1. Outerwear
"We are really just focusing on a few styles and brands here, but they seem to do really well," Dobis says.

Best Selling Brand: Volcom
Volcom seems to a be a popular brand across the board for the shop, according to Dobis.

Best Selling Sku: Jamie Lynn Jacket
This signature jacket is part of Volcom's artist series and features an avalanche recovery system and an internal music pocket, according to the Volcom Web site.

2. Snowboards
"We carry Lib Tech, GNU, Burton, Dinosaurs Will Die – and that's pretty much it," Dobis says. "The whole front wall of the shop is pretty much all snowboards."

Best Selling Brand: Lib Tech
Like many other shops Transworld has checked in with lately, Mt. Baker Snow shop is moving a ton of these boards.

Best Selling Sku: Any Banana Tech Boards
"Bascially, just any banana tech boards that you can get your hands on – they are disappearing pretty fast. They're doing really well."

Lib Tech Banana Technology

3. Apparel
The shop carries a fairly extensive range of T-shirts and hoodies, and apparel has been selling well, according to Dobis.

Best Selling Brand: Volcom
Although Mt. Baker Snow shop has several top brands, Volcom does the best by far when it comes to apparel, Dobis says.

Best Selling Sku: Hoodies
"We don't carry a lot of different styles, but the hooded sweatshirts we have by Volcom all do really well."

Volcom Fleece