The TTR contest series has announced two new hires. Fabia Laura Gruebler is TTR’s new tour manager, and Danielle Reiff-Jongerius is its new European PR manager.

Gruebler was the producer of Ro Sham Bo, the top selling all-female snowboarding film. She has also worked with some of the biggest brands in the snowboard industry, such as Camp Of Champions, Zimtstern, Pirates Movie Productions and Transworld.

Reiff-Jongerius spent three years as the European PR coordinator at O’Neill. She joined Quattro Media in 2009 as a online project manager and also set up her own Independent PR consulting firm, working in the fashion, tourism, and wintersports industries.

From TTR:

TTR has a two new faces on the tour this winter, although they may not be completely unfamiliar.


Once co-owner of Misschief Films, Fabia was the producer of, Ro Sham Bo, the best-selling female snowboard movie of all time. After working for some of the biggest brands in snowboarding such as Camp Of Champions, Zimtstern, Pirates Movie Productions and Transworld TTR knew that Fabia would be a perfect fit as the Event and Tour Development Manager. Her vast network of contacts, industry knowledge and creativity made her immediately indispensable.

Her sparkling personality means that Fabia is never without a smile – brightening every office she graces. She”s a pleasure to work with and will always go above and beyond to help anyone out.


Danielle started her career in the board sports industry working for O”Neill, where she spent three years as European PR coordinator, managing and servicing O'Neill's european distributors and international PR for worldwide Surf and Snowboard Events. In 2009 she became the online project manager for quattro media, leading the development of internet distribution channels of action sports videos.   Two years ago Danielle started as an independent PR consultant, serving clients in fashion, wintersports tourism and actionsports industries before becoming part of TTR team.

She has a degree in International Marketing and sports rights. Originally from Utrecht, the Netherlands, she has been residing in Munich for nearly four years now.