TSG has teamed up with GummiLove to create a snowboard helmet that functions to not only protect the rider on the slopes, but to encourage them to protect themselves off the slopes as well – in the form of practicing safe sex. The two brands are excited to represent this mission via their specially designed helmet.

For more information on the collaboration, read the press release below:

Zurich, Switzerland, January 24th, 2012: Pro snowboarder Daniel "Gummi" Rietmann founded GummiLove in 2009 to make teenagers and young adults familiar with the responsible use of contraceptives, and to make safer sex an issue that they are really aware of. A unique social lifestyle brand, GummiLove is deeply rooted in the world of boardsports, music and streetart. Pro snowboarders support GummiLove and communicate both the GummiLove message and products to teenagers and young adults. Every GummiLove product is an ambassador of safer sex and provides information about the risks of nonprotected sexual intercourse. Active prevention work is performed by the association SafeMyLove, managed by Corinne Mauch, to ensure an authentic delivery of GummiLove's message to the youth.

"I am super proud to enter this collaboration with TSG. It takes GummiLove to the next level and helps spreading our message: It's on when it's on!" says Daniel Rietmann, smiling happily.

"Gummi is making a rather tense issue a cool lifestyle brand, and he managed to achieve that his message is really heard and absorbed by youngsters and teenagers. I very much appreciate Daniel's commitment, and I'm happy about TSG being able to make a contribution. Our GummiLove Gravity snowboard helmet protects and educates its wearer. “It's just the perfect symbiosis!", explains Ruedi Herger, general manager at TSG.

An extremely durable hard-shell helmet, the Gravity only weighs 479 grams. Featuring a low fit and cosy, soft neck section it protects the upper cervical vertebras as well as the temples.