noreaster surf shop

Board-Trac recently released its 2010 Surf Topline Report, which examines the favorite brands, spending habits and frequency, and demographic info of surfers 18 and over.

Here are the highlights:

– Channel Island top shortboard; Stewart top Longboard; Surftech top SUP board.

– Dakine favorite brand for traction pads and leashes.

– The favorite purchase location for surfboards is surf shops and the Internet.

– Surfers are willing to pay more for an environmentally friendly product.

– Reef continues to be favorite sandal.

– Surfers spend 13.2% of their money each month on clothes/shoes and accessories.

– 53.5% indicated they’ve purchased hardgoods online.  Among those who haven’t, 81.6% say they’d rather go into the surf shop.

Other categories in the report include short and long boards, SUP, wetsuits, accessories such as traction pads, leases and wax; t-shirts, board shorts, jeans, shorts, shoes, sandals, sunglasses, watches and backpacks.

In addition, the topline report addresses price points for both hard and soft goods, where purchases were made in stores, catalog or online, allocation of money spent on a variety of categories including entertainment, music and food, influences that drive brand purchasing decisions, segmentations by age and gender, media habits, music, game playing and other information designed to provide manufacturers, retailers and other organizations targeting this segment with insight into this ever-changing market.

The 2010 Annual Consumer Surf Report has been published and can be found on their website at <>