TransWorld Business checked in with Pitcrew’s owner Tim Reardon to find out what’s been selling at the 3,600-square-foot shop in Frederick, Maryland. The tough economic times haven’t been taking too much of a toll on Pitcrew, a staple in the Maryland skate scene for the past 15 years. Reardon says sales have been strong at the shop, especially with the launch of its E-commerce site about five months ago.


1. Footwear
Major brands that Pitcrew carries include eS, emerica, Fallen, DC, and DVS.

Brand: Lakai
“Lakai and emerica are both doing very well, but Lakai is probably doing better,” Reardon says. “Whatever brand is doing better – we always carry more of those. We adjust our buys as the market changes.”

SKU: Manchester Select
“Manchester Select is doing really well- it’s been number one for the last few months. Next to that, it’s Jerry Hsu for emerica.”

2. Decks
“We have a deck wall that's forty by fifteen feet that's all decks, and we stock thousands of boards, because when I was a kid I always wanted to go in a skate shop and see boards like that,” Reardon says. “Skateboarding is our focus, that's the only thing we do. We do clothing but not the ‘skurban’ stuff and all that junk.”

Brand: Krooked/Girl
“It’s a tie between Krooked and Girl,” says Reardon, “But we move a lot of wood.” When asked why those two brands performed so well, Reardon had this to say:  “Krooked, because Bobby skates for Pitcrew so that definitely doesn't hurt us and they make good wood, and Girl because they have an unbelievable team.”

SKU: Bobby Worrest Decks
“We always do super well with Bobby's boards, so kind of whatever he does just works out really well with us.”

3. T-shirts
We sell a ton of T-shirts, but there are probably five that do really well: Girl, Spritfire, Altamont, and Enjoi seem to do well. Also, we do well with Baker (they do well with hardgoods).

Brand: Girl
“With T-shirts there are so many, you kind of just burn through them,” says Reardon, adding that Girl has been selling well at the store lately.

“Since we’ve been doing this it’s been all over the place – there’s no trend.”