The Top 11 Adventure Accessories from Outdoor Retailer


Top 11 Outdoor Adventure Accessories at OR Show

The energy is bubbling at the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show. The show has embraced a new guard of brands that are redefining the traditional outdoor landscape through urbanized products, reusing waste materials, and creating positive change through corporate philanthropy.

The momentum is not just at the brand level, but evident in the workforce. Walking through the show floor, a subtle but increasing trend of snow sports movers and shakers taking leadership positions at both emerging and established outdoor brands is palpable. As retailers struggle to succeed with the recipes that worked in the past, those who are thriving are embracing online sales and retail showrooms that blend core products with emerging brands to appeal to the urban outdoor adventurer. Accessories offer an easy entry point to serve this customer. These top products can't be missed.



Coal Headwear "Kooks Only" Hat

Snowboard industry veterans Coal Headwear made their debut at the Outdoor Retailer Venture Out zone with a thoughtful line of spring and summer product. Technical details abounded to create headwear that not only looks good but functions as well on a summer hike or float as it does at your favorite music festival. The Kooks Only collab with Spring Break Snowboards is simply fun, and who doesn't love fun?


Coal Headwear’s “Kooks Only” hat

Parks Project Adult Coloring Books

The guys at Parks Project hit us in our hearts every time we see them, with a sincere desire to make positive change and help save our national parks. They've grown from offering a cool collection of T-Shirts to creating absolutely gorgeous bandanas, adorable kids apparel, and this unique collection of adult coloring books. They retail for $15, raise money for animal conservation, and merchandise well with gifts and other last minute purchases at the register.

Parks Project adult's coloring book

Parks Project adult’s coloring book

Bureo The Ahi collab with Carver

How many of us look at our Facebook feeds and start believing that the world is totally F-ed? The guys at Bureo can look past the destruction and darkness to find solutions. In some ways, the brands that create positive change are our modern day heroes and these guys continue to find ways to create a sustainable business practice while cleaning up waste from the world's oceans. The Ahi cruiser is a collab with Carver that allows you to cruise like you're surfing or snowboarding. It's made in California from 50 square feet of recycled fishing nets. Winning.

Bureo's Ahi

Bureo’s Ahi

Qalo Silicone wedding rings

Sometimes the solution is so simple. How many of you have lost a wedding ring in a field of pow or out in a surf session? Or how often do you have to take a ring off to get sweaty at yoga? The guys at Qalo have developed a solution for active lifestyles. The silicone rings come in 4 different colors and retails for $19.99.

Qualo's rings

Qualo’s rings

VSSL Outdoor Utility Tools

If you carry any kind of adventure gear, then the utility tools from VSSL are a no-brainer. They are elegant and designed to function with a minimalist design. All of the units are designed to be compact and portable, easy to toss in a backpack or your glove box for MacGyver-like preparedness. MSRP's range from $49-$99. We couldn't decide if the best VSSL was the first aid kit or the flashlight flask. You decide.

VSSL's portable tools

VSSL’s portable tools

Stance Adventure Socks

Stance is on course for total world sock domination. The new adventure socks are split into three categories, Outdoor, Hike, and Trek. Each category has a unique blend of materials designed to out-perform the competition. The goal is to offer socks that are more durable, better at thermo-regulating, and offer superior moisture wicking.  At the end of the day, they look cool and will work way better on a hike than those tube socks you bought at American Apparel.

Stance's adventure sock

Stance’s adventure sock

Yeti Hopper

Did you know that a cooler company could be cool? This Austin-based brand created a fair amount of buzz on the tradeshow floor when they decided to sell their soft cooler to attendees at pro-form prices. It's a shrewd strategy that shows complete faith in their product. Coolers are so bulky, but the soft cooler offers car campers, festival goers, and outdoors people of all persuasions a lighter weight option for eating and drinking outside.

Yeti's Hopper cooler

Yeti’s Hopper cooler

Alite Meadow Rest

Alite is the original urban outdoor brand, started by former North Face designer Tae Kim. A devotion to minimalist styling and fun colors continues to this day. It wasn't long ago that Alite, Topo, and Poler were the only brands out there with their finger on the pulse of this new consumer segment. Now, they are simply one of the movement's leaders. The Meadow Rest is a ridiculously comfortable, packable chair that's perfect for the beach, the impromptu camp spot or a summer concert outdoors. Equally covetable is their camping table. It looks good enough to use at home and then fold up to take on adventure.

Meadow rest mat/chair

Meadow rest mat/chair

Teva sports sandals

Gone are the days when Teva's were synonymous with raft guides and goatees. Some might even argue that socks with sandals are coming back. Whatever your summer footwear preference, it's hard to deny that the changes taking place over at Teva are creating momentum for the brand, built on a product offering that features a sophisticated understanding of the brand's heritage and the needs of the modern urban outdoors person. This silhouette with the climbing rope detail was our favorite footwear at the show.


Teva’s newest sillouette

Mizu S4 Water Bottle

The snowboard crowd knows Mizu because of legendary snowboarder Jussi Oksannen and industry vet Tim Pogue, but they were embraced by a diverse collection of retailers at Outdoor Retailer. The booth was consistently busy. We immediately wanted to take home the new 400 ML S4 and fill it with some rosé for our next picnic.

Mizu's S4

Mizu’s S4

Topo Designs Hip Pack

Ok. So you have backpacks covered. Hip packs are coming back. No joke. And this little gem from Topo Designs was easily our favorite. If you questioned the return of the bib a few years back, don't get stuck making the same mistake by discounting the relevance of this style. Embraced by cyclists, day hikers and festival attendees, the hip pack offers hands-free adventure.

Topo's Hip Pack

Topo’s Hip Pack