ThirtyTwo’s Brian Cook on the brand’s roots & 20 Year Anniversary

ThirtyTwo’s roots are anchored in skateboarding, just as much as they are in snowboarding. That’s been the case for its entire 20 year history under parent company Sole Tech and founder Pierre André Senizergues. This year, the brand is celebrating two decades in the making, and marking the anniversary with its latest film, 2032, starring JP Walker, who has 19 consecutive video clips under his belt from over the years. 2032—which will be Walker’s 20th video part— is a look at the diverse talent that makes up ThirtyTwo’s team riders and in many ways reflects the same skater-inspired philosophy that’s influenced the overall brand direction over the years, explains ThirtyTwo Global Brand Director Brian Cook.

“We’re a very skate-driven company, so pretty much everyone who rides for ThirtyTwo is a skater,” he says. “We love going to the skatepark. We love going to a snowboard park. It’s the same difference.”

Cook, who has been with Sole Tech and ThirtyTwo for nearly 15 years, says he hopes to continue to build the brand’s iconic team based on those same principles. But at the moment, it’s still Walker’s signature products that are repeatedly at the top of the brand’s best-seller list.

“This will be JP’s 20th video part; I don’t think very many people can claim that,” explains Cook. “Very few people can claim they’ve filmed 20 video parts consecutively. He is a legend. He sells the most product, and he is one of the most recognizable snowboarders worldwide. For ThirtyTwo, he’s been crushing it. I hope he stays on for the next ten years and gets thirty video parts.”

Cook goes on to break down some of the other top performing products, including Jeremy Jones’ big mountain boot, which was introduced to the collection last year. The partnership with Jones was an organic one that formed when Cook reached out to the rider after watching one of his films. Hear him tell that story, and more on The Sessions @ SIA.