The story behind Bureo x Carver

The eco-friendly company focuses on recycling ocean waste.

Bureo started out as a mission between friends: make a difference, and create a product people would actually use.

When they first met, the founders of Bureo had one thing in common: a passion for their environment, as well as their New England backgrounds.

While they knew that they wanted to help relieve some of the contaminants in the ocean, it took a little brainstorming for them to finally settle on what they wanted to create. The group eventually settled on creating skate decks out of recycled fishnets, some of the most pervasive and dangerous waste the ocean holds.

While they’ve been around since 2010, Bureo has stayed relatively under the radar until the last few years. Recently, Red Bull TV profiled the company, diving into their origins, as well as what their future holds.

Bureo Team pose for a portrait during the shooting of Creators of Tomorrow: Bureo, on Cocholgue, Chile on October 3rd, 2015.

We caught up with Bureo Co-founder David Stover to hear more.

How long did you work on this film with Red Bull?

We worked on the film project over a six-month period during the second half of 2015. It was great timing, as the film team was able to follow us through the expansion of our recycling program and evolution of the relationship with Carver.

How did you come about partnering with them on this?

Red Bull TV approached us, as part of an initiative to profile young companies aiming to make social and environmental impacts through business. I think the story and product showcase a unique intersection of the action sports industry, balancing the way we make products and the growing need to protect our planet.

We are thankful for the support from Red Bull to bring wider awareness to one of the many issues facing our ocean, and inspiring others to think differently about the way we make and consume products.

Any future collaborations with Carver or other brands in the works?

We are stoked on the collaboration with Carver, and thankful for the opportunity to elevate our material to the highest mark of performance in the surf/skate market.  We will continue to work closely with the Carver team to push the boundaries of high-performing, environmentally-responsible products for the skate industry. Aligning with our collaboration on the Ahi board, we are seeking “Performance with a Purpose!”

What’s next for Bureo?

Since the Red Bull filming, we have been focused on growing our recycling operations and expanding our collection footprint. In addition to the ongoing project with Carver, we have been working on a longer term development project with Patagonia to expand our recycling capabilities. We plan to continue developing exciting solutions for our recycled material, with our next new product release to hit the radar screen by Summer 2017. Stay tuned!

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