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The State Of Surf: How often do you buy a new surfboard?

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One of the main areas of interest we honed in on for The State of Surf 2015 report is surfboards. Last week we shared with you what type of surfboards our readers say they already own and which they are most likely to purchase. But another question topping our our list was how frequently a surfer buys a new board. From a sample size of more than 2,200 individuals from Surfer and Surfing’s digital audience, about 24.5% of respondents said they buy a new board every year, and almost 50% bought a new board every few years. Aligning with this takeaway, our retailer survey also uncovered that surfboards were ranked amongst specialty accounts as one of the few categories that saw the greatest sales increase year-over-year. Take a look at the complete breakdown below:

the State of Surf

We also saw a healthy percentage of Surfer and Surfing’s digital audience indicate they own at least 2 or more boards, with only 8.9% saying they own just one.

The State of Surf


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