New year, new data. The State Of Skate 2016 is now available.

A culmination of research and compilation of data, both proprietary and third party, State Of Skate is a result of our staff’s diligent work over the past several months to deliver elevated research that will help you make educated market decisions and grow your business.

We thought it fitting to set the table with a hyper-focus on participation, one of the most important topics that have most skate companies buzzing. Compiling some national statistics, courtesy of Sports Marketing Surveys and in collaboration with IASC, it became clear just how much the consumer has changed in a little less than 10 years.

The core skater, or someone who skates 26 times or more per year, has dipped, while the casual skater (1-25 times per year) has continued to climb since 2011.


the State of Skate 2016


This trend is indicative of not only an evolving consumer, but the rise of a completely different age group: Gen Z. From what we've gathered recently at various industry summits, Gen Z is not loyal to one particular brand and they aren't even loyal to a particular sport or activity—something skate companies will need to keep in mind as they retool their strategies to speak to a new, youthful consumer. For more insight on how to do this, check out the full report.

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