In 1976 California experienced a drought that left swimming pools empty throughout the state. As many people know the empty pools turned into skate playgrounds and helped shape the sport into what it is today. Pools sparked the vert trend in skateboarding and made headway for greats such as Tony Hawk, Bob Burnquist, and Bucky Lasek. With the evolution of skateboarding, pool riding has seemed to become something of the past. But is this true?

With the construction of one monstrous pool in his backyard Bucky Lasek might be setting the stage for the next evolution in skateboarding. Bucky’s huge pool is bringing the new school back to the pools where the sport once started while pushing the boundaries of vert skating. recently sat down with Bucky and got the low down on the giant pool and possible future of skating.

In the interview Bucky describes the pool as “something I have always envisioned. To have corners and more hips. With vert, it gets tapped out. You get bored of doing hard tricks back to back. With bowl skating, I’ve always enjoyed doing corner airs, hip airs and just whipping through the shallows. I had this vision of taking that to the next level. To just build it on a bigger scale. You know? It really works. It’s amazingly fast, you can blast, and you kind of have fun just grinding and carving…It just makes sense to me. If I’m gonna keep skating vert, and make it fun, then I needed to do this. I’m stoked it’s worked out because everyone is enjoying the ride along with me.”


When asked if he sees the future of vert skating moving towards bowls such as his backyard “Heaven,” Lasek answers:

I would like for vert skating to get to this level. I definitely think it needs to. We’ve always said that we need to stop making so much flat wall . We need to make something more visual and a lot more exciting to ride. I don’t know if X GAMES or Dew Tour are gonna build concrete like this because of budgets. I do KNOW that I’m gonna have a party at least once a year and that’s all that matters.

Although there is no water in this gigantic pool you can rest assured that Bucky will still have the best pool party on the block.

Check out the full interview and more photos here.