The Full Moon crew touched down in Alaska this past winter. Photo: Girardi

Full Moon. The message, mirroring the name of the film – one complete circle – aims to connect the past, present, and future of women's snowboarding with some of the biggest names in the game. The film follows seven of the world's best female snowboarders on a two-year project chasing winter. Inspired by the cultural heritage of the women before them, Leanne Pelosi, the director and producer of Full Moon, says one of the goals is to pay tribute to the generation of snowboarders who helped pave the way, and channeling that ingenuity to spur the next crop of women in snowboarding. Pelosi, along with Annie Boulanger, Marie France Roy, Helen Schettini, Hana Beaman, Robin Van Gyn, and Jamie Anderson just wrapped up year one of filming. As they enter year two, the ladies are taking to the ever-popular Kickstarter to help support the last leg of the adventure. We sat down with Pelosi and Schettini to learn more about the Full Moon film and why they chose crowdfunding to help finish up the project.

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Why did you decide to do this project in the first place?

We just wanted to involve a bit of a tribute to the people who paved the way before us.  There will definitely be some cool stories about who inspired this crew to showcase the full circle between generations.

Annie Boulanger, Marie France Roy, and Leanne Pelosi. Photo: Gnznar

Annie Boulanger, Marie France Roy, and Leanne Pelosi. Photo: Jussi Gnznar

Is there anyone in particular you’re trying to inspire with this film?

Helen: We are trying to inspire men and women, children and parents. It's an inspirational film that will show the evolution of women’s backcountry riding; from the past, the present, and having a hand in the future of women snowboarding. To see the hard work and determination, trials and tribulations, successes, and progression in the sport will hit close to home for everyone. Having daughters, sisters, mothers, female friends and so forth will allow this to be watched by all eyes.

Leanne: I think the main message is about showing that there's a definitive link between the past, present and future of our sport, and really you can relate that to anything.  We want people young and older to be inspired to just get outside.  It brings so much value to our lives when we learn to appreciate the outdoors.  It's healthy for you!

What is left to finish the project? What will the Kickstarter funds go toward, and what are some of the most expensive costs you have left?

We have one incredible filmer for this season but we need two. These pledges will go to a second filmer and to help out in the editing room and for music licensing – all very necessary components to make this film the best possible.

That’s awesome you’re featuring some legends like Tara Dakides and Barrett Christy. What can we expect from them?

The largest reason for their presence is to show the evolution of women's backcountry riding. We are all doing a trip to Baldface in early December. This trip's main purpose is to be connected and really get a dynamic of all of us in the same space; laughing, chatting, shredding, and really getting an interaction of these legends and us. They have all been interviewed to get insight on the snow industry and their careers and how they see the evolution of snowboarding happening.

Pelosi dropping in on this pillow line. Photo: Grznar

Pelosi dropping in on this pillow line. Photo: Jussi Grznar

If you can’t financially donate to the Kickstarter, what can you do?

Promote! Please help spread the word of this incredible movie; for the Kickstarter and for the premieres next fall. Please come out and support!

Candidly, what are some of the challenges involved in making a film like this? 

One challenge I’ve encountered is to get some of the legendary riders to be apart of the film. That has been a challenge, but for the most part some amazing heroes have graciously given their time to do interviews. We really just want to pay tribute to these women because they were such huge inspirations to us! There needs to be a preservation of our cultural heritage and a spot on the shelf for this kind of movie. We are resurrecting some amazing footage all in one place… it's exciting for us to put together and I am even more excited to showcase it once it's done.

Is it harder to make a snowboarding film today than it was, say, 10 years ago? If yes, why do you think? 

Today, yes. With all this content out everywhere it seems that content is easier to produce for sponsors, less expensive. It's really difficult to find the funds necessary to make a quality film with high-end cinematographers and editors when the expectations are higher for less money. Times were different 10 years ago and companies were investing into snowboarding. We still have support from our sponsors and we are really thankful for how much they've all contributed. Thanks to a lot of our friends and family in the community the Kickstarter has been a huge help. We have been able to adapt with the times and make it happen, and we'll do the same this year!

Why did you choose crowdfunding to raise money? What does that say about your community?

Our sponsors have helped so much, but sometimes you still need a little extra help to see out the vision we started with. Our community is so supportive and we feel so much love as the first week of our campaign is now over.

MFR with a nice little method in Italy. Photo: Andriuex

MFR with a nice little method in Italy. Photo: Vanessa Andriuex

They say the first week of a Kickstarter is crucial to its overall success. What did you guys see this past week? 

We have seen such a great start to this Kickstarter. We've surpassed our '1st week' goal and we can only imagine what the following weeks will bring in. We couldn't be happier:)

I’m sure you have a Kickstarter strategy in keeping up the momentum. Can you share some insight?

Robin Van Gyn and Leanne have both spearheaded this campaign. They've done so much research on what it takes to be successful and accomplish our goal. One of the key points is to target a different audience each week so that the excitement doesn't fade halfway through. So all of us are reaching out to different fields to help keep the momentum.

What will the distribution of the film look like?

We are working on it.  We will have some big platforms for sure.  Look to our media partners TransWorld Snowboarding and Snowboard Magazine for content.  More info soon.

If I pay $30 for a lock of hair, whose hair will I get?

You can choose! We're all game for giving a lock of hair. Haha…

Check out the Full Moon Kickstarter, open through December 7, 2015


You can see more from the Full Moon Film in the newest issue of TransWorld Snowboarding.