OurCaste Presents THAW video, featuring Sam Hammer surfing 31 freezing barrels

OurCaste‘s video features Sam Hammer getting “31 barrels captured over the Winter of 2016 in case you don't feel like counting.” You might notice that Hammer is getting these perfectly shaped, yet frigid, Northeast barrels all to himself–wonder why. Was 31 the number of barrels scored, or degrees of the water? (Kidding, you don’t have to tell me what temperature water freezes at.) Either way, Hammer makes surfing in painfully cold water look quite enjoyable and enviable.

OurCaste says:

‘Surfing in the North East U.S. during winter takes massive strength and even bigger nerves. That long walk across snow covered sand knowing the first duck dive you take—regardless of wearing a hood—is going to be a shocker and STILL paddling out seems like insanity to us west coasters. Russ Roe just put this edit out now that winter has come and gone. Here's what he had to say about the making of it: “31 barrels captured over the Winter of 2016 in case you don't feel like counting.”‘



ourCaste has been built by a decades long love affair with the things we could always count on growing up, regardless of where life took us. Throughout the years, our eyes may have been caught wandering to new, younger passions like design and typography, but we've never been unfaithful to our true love of surfing, pushing around on skateboards and riding motorcycles. A common bond is built in these sub-cultures, and they in turn shape a lifestyle that is authentic. As a new, young brand we are eager to shine light on what these loves have meant to us, and our interpretation through product of what they aesthetically represent. We are a community built of enthusiasts, living and creating the sub-cultures that connect us all.

Youth will need a bit of—we'll say—curating, from time to time; a trusted, accomplished and respected figure of sorts to be able to bounce the hard questions, left brain theories, and ridiculous ideas off of as a sounding board.


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