Tactics Board ShopTactics Grows Skate Team, Adds Two Home-Grown Talents

Eugene, Oregon – July 8, 2015 – Tactics is taking its skate team to a new level, today announcing the addition of pros Silas Baxter-Neal and Josh Matthews and rising ams Cody Lockwood and Dalton Dern.Silas, Thrasher Magazine's 2008 Skater of the Year, currently resides in Portland, but grew up in Eugene, where Tactics operates its shop and online business. Silas did his first skateboarding just down the street from Tactics' current location, but only recently connected with the crew there."I am stoked to be involved with a shop back in Eugene," Silas said. "Having Josh Matthews on the same team is a dream. He's always been one of my favorite people to skate with and growing up and pushing each other was such a rad time of my life that it's great to have an element of that again 10 years later."

Tactics co-owner Matt Patton recalls meeting Silas years ago before he made it big."When we were just getting started, I remember being introduced to Silas by one of our long-time employees/skaters, Brice Niebuhr. At the time, Silas skated for another shop and I always respected how loyal and committed he was," Matt said. "Even though he didn't skate for us, I think everyone in town took pride in his career and the fact his roots were here. We've worked 15 years to get Tactics to a point where we can support and promote a true national team, and to have Silas come on board as we get it going is amazing. Some things are worth the wait."

Josh also grew up in Eugene, moving to San Francisco in 2007, then to L.A., then back to the Bay Area earlier this year. After spending more than 200 days on the road in 2014, he has no plans of slowing down anytime soon.

"I think it's cool Tactics is doing a team, and I'm excited to be a part of it," Josh said. "Skating on the same team as Silas is the sickest thing. We’ve somehow dodged being on a team together this whole time, so I’m super excited it’s finally happening." Look for Josh's PUSH part releasing on The Berrics later this year.

In addition to pros Baxter-Neal and Matthews, Tactics has also signed two well-recognized, up-and-coming ams in Cody Lockwood and Dalton Dern.

Originally from Klamath Falls, OR, Cody Lockwood is no stranger to ripping the best parks in the world. He builds them, too, travelling the country with Dreamland Skateparks, which is how Tactics originally connected with him.

"Cody was in Eugene a lot in 2014, working on WJ Skatepark and stopping by the shop," recalls skate team manager Benson Ka'ai. "We have a great relationship with Bryce Kanights and Lifeblood Skateboards in Portland. Bryce helped us connect and things just worked out. We couldn't be happier to support someone like Cody."

Dern, who grew up in Florida and currently lives in Oceanside, CA, actually joined the Tactics team last fall. In the months following, he skated the finals of Tampa Am, Phoenix Am, and Damn Am Atlanta. He also opened Lifeblood's Service For The Sick video, released in December 2014.

"This is more of a promotion for Dalton," Ka'ai said. "We'll continue to support our local crew. They all rip and play a key role for us, but Dalton has become a high-profile skater on a national scale. He's been great to work with the past nine months and now he'll receive increased support from Tactics on an individual level."

Tactics marketing director Jeremy Conant explained that today's announcement is a big step for the company, which recently celebrated 15 years in business and processed its one-millionth order just last week.

"Adding these guys to our team is another milestone in our increased effort to give back, support and promote the culture of skateboarding," he said. "We're fortunate to find ourselves in a position where we can partner with outstanding skaters like Silas, Josh, Cody and Dalton. We look forward to helping them advance skateboarding in whichever ways they choose."

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Rooted in skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing, Tactics is the convergence of style, quality, passion, and positivity. Tactics is a skate shop, a snowboard shop, a surf shop, a sneaker shop, and so much more. Independently owned and located in Eugene, Oregon, we are inspired by having the Cascade mountains at our back, the Pacific ocean at our feet, and some of the world’s best skateparks in all directions.

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